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Every Monday morning, at 8am, you get a Powerpoint document in your inbox breaking down a business concept into its component parts, explaining how it works, why it works, and what its key attributes are.

The weekly topics cover every aspect of business: major industries (e.g. food, transportation, oil & gas, financial services), value chains, iconic products and services, key processes and functions (e.g. finance, accounting, HR), etc.

The document is designed to get you fluent in the topic described within 15 minutes of reading.

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Once you feel comfortable with the concepts you have just learned, it's time to start innovating!

You get simple, easy to follow instructions on the best ideation method for the topic of the week. You can generate new concepts alone, or with a team (recommended). If you don't have a team available, you can always find like-minded people in our Slack community!

You also get customized selection criteria to help you decide what ideas are most likely to be worth pursuing. The workouts are designed to be completed in 45 minutes or less.

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Now that you have a set of ideas, the next step is to join our Slack community and get feedback as soon as possible from VCs, angel investors, industry experts and peers!

Feedback is one of the most effective antidotes against groupthink. If you're ideating alone, or with close friends, your output is especially susceptible to this, and we strongly recommend that you submit your ideas for peer review.

Besides, it's always great to discuss openly with like-minded people. Who knows, you might just meet your next co-founder here! :)


Project Manager

"I LOVE IT! Finally, a practical solution to a problem that a lot of people have: torturing themselves to find an innovative startup idea!"



Every topic analyzed (e.g. industry, value chain, marketing, product, service) is broken down into clear, easy to follow concepts and real-life examples.


Ideation workouts have clear, step by step instructions both for individual sessions and for team sessions.


The format is very friendly and informal. Creativity is encouraged at every step, and judgment is only made at specific points, according to predefined criteria.


The weekly topic takes about 15 mins to learn, and the ideation workout takes 45 mins to complete, for a total of 1 hour per week.


Every ideation workout includes guidelines on how to select the ideas which are most likely to be worth refining further.


When you join, you get invited to our Slack community, your (and our) favorite communication platform! :)


The ideation methodology works whether you choose to start a new business, or innovate within an existing corporation.


The weekly topics go through all major industries verticals, as well as the key products, services and business practices from the 19th century onwards.


All workouts are designed to be budget independent. We never assume you have an unlimited amount of cash on hand!


Software Developer

" I think it sounds like an interesting concept and I really wanna see it in action! I've already subscribed and let some of my friends that might be interested know about it. "



Sure! In fact, we don't like limited demos either, so here is a full Sparrk issue for you, check it out and see how you like it!

If you like what you see and would like access to our Slack community where we discuss our startup ideas live and get feedback from industry experts and VCs, just sign up! The first month is free, and you can cancel anytime you want!

Some of the topics previously covered: credit card industry, book publishing, fitness clubs, legal services, big data, mobile advertising, and more!


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"Sparrk helps drive a discussion with my team about building great solutions. The framework of the weekly project helps drive us to design a potential product."


Check out the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions below, or drop us a line at , we'd love to hear from you!

Yes, we've heard that, over and over again.

We don't agree with the dogma that "ideas are worthless". What we think this sentence really means is that the monetary value of an idea is contingent upon many other factors (e.g. execution, team, culture, investors, geography, regulatory environment, luck).

That clearly does not imply that the value of ideas equals 0. It does, however, imply the existence of a value equation that looks roughly like this:

Value = Idea x Execution x Luck

We argue that working on a great idea is the only lever you have to maximize the value of your effort; luck is out of your control, and you have the same need for flawless execution regardless of the idea you are implementing.

Therefore, with random luck, and execution maxed out anyway, the only thing you can influence is what you're working on.

In other words, work as hard as you can, on the smartest possible idea!

At 8am you get a Powerpoint document which contains the weekly business topic, the instructions for the ideation workout, and the evaluation criteria for your ideas.

The whole exercise should not take you more than 60 minutes to complete, and you always have access to our Slack community to ask questions, get feedback and work together with other entrepreneurs, if e.g. you lack a team.

That's great!

Our aim is to help you fuel that creative engine with knowledge about new fields of business, products and services, and give you the tools to evaluate which of these ideas are worth pursuing!

This service and everything about it has been designed with you in mind.

Great business ideas are not born out of nowhere, they are the result of methodical, guided thinking about difficult problems, and that is what this service is about.

That is less a matter of creativity than it is a matter of discipline in pursuing innovation. See the next question.

Look, it's up to you. You can just go through the rundown, learn something new and call it a day.

But in order to get the maximum benefit out of this, you need to take an hour per week to practice your business creativity. One hour per week is not that much time, and the exercises are challenging and fun!

Otherwise, it would be like watching someone lift weights; you wouldn't expect to grow stronger just by watching, right? :)

Yes, there is. These are some of the articles which influenced our thinking during the development of this service. The researchers quoted here are really amazing, and we highly recommend you take the time to familiarize yourself with their work!

The Idea Itself and the Circumstances of Its Emergence as Predictors of New Product Success

Jacob Goldenberg et al., Columbia University

Toward Identifying the Inventive Templates of New Products: A Channeled Ideation Approach

Jacob Goldenberg et al., Columbia University

Performance Assessment of the Lead User Idea Generation Process for New Product Development

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The Influence and Value of Analogical Thinking During New Product Ideation

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An Introduction to TRIZ: The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

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A TRIZ-Based Method for New Service Design

Kah-Hin Chai, Jun Zhang, Kay-Chuan Tan, National University of Singapore

This is an ideation service geared towards helping entrepreneurs find disruptive ideas. Those ideas can then be implemented in a startup, in an existing corporation, in an innovation incubator inside a corporation, etc. It doesn't really matter; the service is not designed to be setting-dependent.

That's really simple! As a subscriber, you get access to our Slack community, so you can chat, ask questions, and brainstorm with other like-minded people!

We really can't stress enough the importance of practicing ideation with other people. Besides, who knows, you might just meet your co-founder there! ;)

Of course! :) It's yours, so feel free to share it with anyone you want, use it in your presentations, and generally do whatever you want with it!

In fact, we hope that you will keep in mind that the most useful thing you can ever get is feedback. So, by all means, get as much and as early feedback as you can!


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"I really like the idea of learning something new every week! It's great to have a methodology to think creatively about new business ventures. Without this I would not have set aside a time for innovation every week."


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Yes! There is no minimum time commitment, you're free to cancel at any time!


Of course! Check out the complimentary issue here, we hope you enjoy it!

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